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At Custom Ceilings And Paint, we specialize in getting your ceilings back to a smooth finish with the use of Skim Coating Technique! This technique removes the popcorn or any other textured design from your ceiling. We also repair the ceiling and walls when dealing with water damage. Sometimes water damage can leave your walls with mold and discolored. We remove all damaged drywall, replace and paint.

First, and foremost, since we are an owner operated company, from your first contact with us to the final clean-up the owner Ken is the only person you ever have to deal with.

Ken personally answers all calls and e-mails. When not in the office all calls are forwarded to his cell phone. If his hands are busy on a project when you call, then he will promptly return your call asap.

Ken not only shows up for your estimate, but he will also be the one on the job overseeing and actually doing the work. He will be on the job daily. Although all his crew has been with the business between 8-12 years, he is personally there to lead the job. No “technicians” or “crews” that you have never seen before showing up and nothing getting lost in translation.

We promise once we start a job we will not leave it until it is completed. We will work consecutive days and you will see progress from day to day. We Strive for your satisfaction on a daily bases.

To top it off, in most cases, you don’t pay a dime until the job is completed and you are happy.

No low-balling, showing up late, working half days, or not at all. This is why Ken intentionally has kept the business small enough so he can still be hands on for the duration of the project.

No matter how qualified or experienced a worker is, no one gives you the attention to details or has a more vested interest in keeping the client happy than the owner. A company with a big fleet of trucks may do an ok job… sometimes, but no one will do a better job than we do. Most owners will show up for your estimates, if that, and that will be the last time you see them. That’s not the way we do things and is definitely not what you get with us., You work with the owner and only the owner daily. Again, small details make all the difference.

We don’t try and sell/push you on knockdown texture as an answer to your repairs or popcorn removal. Anyone trying to sell you on knockdown is not a finisher. Ken was one of the first contractors in the county to introduce knockdown in the late 80’s even before starting the business but soon saw that knockdown not only don’t hide imperfections like repairs and seams but could actually highlight them.

Even though his clients were usually happy, just to have the popcorn gone, Ken could see the imperfections, so he finally came to the conclusion there was no substitute for recoating the whole area by hand and sanding it down to insure client satisfaction. Like popcorn before it, knockdown is a quick easy way for a contractor to get the money and run, but just like popcorn, people soon tire of the look. Knockdown we sprayed years ago we are now going back and skimming back to smooth. The rooms look cleaner, bigger and just all around nicer.

Skim-coating is done by hand, so it takes longer and yes usually costs more because of the time. But your house is your biggest investment and you only want to do this once. This is definitely not an area you want to cut corners with. Your walls and ceilings are as important, if not more so, than your floors, cabinets, or anything else you may upgrade in your home. It is a one-time cost and is well worth the investment. We have yet to have the client regret the choice to have ceilings and walls smooth and most will tell you it was the best money spent on the house.

If you are looking to do a remodel we can handle that as well. We do a complete demolition of the room and replace all dry wall and anything else that need revamping. We also do complete frame out as needed.

To read in more detail about Ken's experienced opinion about resurfacing walls and ceilings, and how we achieve our professional, first-class results click here.

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